Facepunch moderators at a roundtable discussion decided on potential candidates

It's time to pick new moderators, and I am up for this position. So I put together this website for 69p from namecheap, free hosting on Amazon, a terrible font and a couple of hours to say a few things

I think because of this the class should vote for me. If you want to ask me a question PM me.

The most I can say about Sgt Doom and Booster is I don't know who they are. I don't know why you would make your gimmick photoshopping Nazi themed images, in Sgt Dooms case.

Kiwi and Reagy seem like typical anime fans of Fast Threads Facepunch (Anime killed my best friend troots). I have had plenty of opporunity at seeing how Reagy interacts with a community with our involvment in FPUK, and seeing him on TF2r, and I personally would not want that kind of moderator, but he has his own style which I respect :~)

I'm sure they're all swell people however, and we've all been a part of this site for a gosh darn long time. I don't doubt that we all would make good moderators in our own way, and that we just want to give back a little to the community we're a part of.